25 Excellent Jeans Hacks & Tricks to make your life easier

Who doesn’t love a pair of modish denim? No matter how old you grow, your college jeans would still be your favorite ones to wear. Be it marked pants or neighborhood advertise pants, the flexibility of the pants makes us need a greater amount of them. Denim is one texture that is an eternity friend everything being equal, as it gives the most extreme solace, and smooth look and fits each body shape and size.

Along these lines, does your heart split in discarding your preferred old pair of pants, at that point, we have the motivation to make you grin. We have recorded simple denim deceives and hacks, that would shock you and unquestionably help you whenever you are left with denim issues. From giving thoughts on the most proficient method to make your pants look fresh out of the box new to simple yet astounding DIY, we are here to share magnificent hacks and deceives about denim, investigate, and be edified.

1. Baking Soda at your rescue to remove stains from your jeans

Baking soda is filled with goodness, however, you can remove odor and stains from your jeans by directly applying baking soda to the stain for 10-15 minutes, and notice the magic.

2. Want your jeans to look brand new, then go for inside out style

Turn your jeans inside out and wash them with cold water and then air-dry them. This trick would prevent your jeans from fading.

3. Freeze your jeans to remove bad odor

Even the CEO of Levis doesn’t wash his jeans. Sounds gross? But if you want the original feel of the jeans, then, fold your jeans and put them in a Ziploc bag and freeze it overnight, the bad odor would vanish and will keep your jeans spanking new.

4. Salt and water will save your jeans from bleeding

Did your new pair of jeans turn your hands blue? Fret not, wash the new jeans with salt, which would set the dye of the jeans and also prevent fading.

5. Got deodorant stains on your outfit? Remove them with your jeans

Take your pair of jeans and rub them on the deodorant-stained outfit and see the way the stain disappears.

6. Use Hem Gems to wear your jeans with heels and flats.

7. Easy way to store your jeans

Want to make room for your new clothes in your wardrobe? Then we suggest you hang your jeans by using the shower hooks. Take the belt loop of the jeans and hang it on the shower hooks.

8. Unique fold

You can easily tuck your jeans into your drawers, by folding them into four folds, or even rolling them out This would save space, especially when you are traveling.

9. Trick for tighter jeans

If you are looking for tighter jeans, then try this trick, machine washes your jeans with hot water and machine dry them with high heat, and you would see tighter jeans flaunt your slender legs.

10. Easy way to loosen your jeans

Are your jeans uncomfortable and tight? Then we suggest you air-dry them and stretch the waistband with your hand. If you want, you can even use the hair dryer over the waistband.

11. Dazzle your denim with studs

Bored of your old jeans? Then give it a new look, by styling the denim with studs. Take a look at the style chart for complete detail.

12. Protect your dark denim with vinegar

Dark denim is everyone’s favorite, so give special care to them by washing the denim with ½ cup vinegar, the vinegar will protect the jeans from fading away. Vinegar even softens your jeans, giving you a comfortable feel.

13. Paint your jeans with hearts

Want a cute look, then DIY your jeans with cute hearts. All you need is fabric paint, paintbrush and heart stencil, and decorate your jeans with the hearts.

14. Distressed Jeans with sandpaper

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy distressed jeans, take sandpaper and scrap it horizontally on the jeans and see the distressed look.

15. Warm vinegar to remove chewing gum from denim

Got chewing gum stuck on your jeans? Fret not, warm the vinegar in the microwave for 45 seconds and soak a clean cloth in vinegar and rub it on the jeans. Scrap it off with a hard bristle toothbrush.

16. Rip your denim with a cheese grater

Mark the places where you want to rip your denim and then use a cheese grater and you are good to go. So, ditch the scissors, use a cheese grater to rip your jeans and bring a worn-out look.

17. Remove ink stains with milk and hairspray

Don’t worry if your jeans are stained with ink, soak your stained jeans overnight in a bucket of water and add a glass of milk. Later, apply hairspray on the stained area and wash it with regular detergent. Voila, the stain would be removed completely.

18. Bleach your denim for a creative look

Bring a unique look by decorating your denim with bleach. You need a pencil with an eraser, which you can dip in a bleach mixture and then can create floral designs, and polka dots on the jeans.

19. Squat-test to check if your jeans will retain their shape or not

Nothing can be worse than saggy jeans, this would help you next time when you shop.

20. Use powder to remove grease from your denim jeans

Got a grease stain on your denim jeans? Worry not, before washing your jeans, throw talc or baby powder on the greasy part and leave it for a day, then brush the powder off and you would find your denim spic and span after the wash.

21. Avoid clumsy look with mitten clips

The clips will prevent the creasing at the knees and will keep the jeans in place when worn with boots.

22. Iron damp jeans for longer life

In love with your new pair of jeans? Give it a longer life as well as a smooth look by immediately ironing the jeans which are out of the washing machine.

23. Color block your denim

What a peppy look, then you must definitely try the DIY color block cuff. Use fabric paint and paint the inside of your jeans, and when you wear them, cuff off and show your creative and sassy style.

24. Hone your razor with jeans:

Extend the life of your razor by running the razor 10-15 times up and down on your old pair of jeans and find your razor sharpened.

25. Denim Stretching Hacks

Put on your jeans and get into the bathtub filled with warm water. Stay for 15 minutes and sit in the sun and air-dry them.

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