8 Fashion Hacks for Men’s Smart Style Announcement

A man has to be well-dressed to exude his confidence, attractiveness, and charisma. But contrary to popular belief, being well-dressed is not about wearing expensive clothes and the latest fashions. It’s all about what you choose and how you wear them. Here are some simple fashion rules that will help you be a dapper gentleman without making any great effort. So, stick to them and up your style quotient effortlessly!

1. Opt for grey instead of white to wear under white dress shirts

Grey undershirt with white shirt gif

Most men wear a white vest under white shirts. But wearing a vest of the same color will show through. On the other hand, a grey vest would be typically less visible as it actually absorbs light. It will not show any undershirt lines through your shirt creating a cleaner and more gentlemanly look. Advertisement

2. Roll your sleeves up smartly by making your shirt cuffs visible

how to do Italian cuff sleeve roll

Forget the old method of sleeve rolling and try this new smart technique to show off the inside detail of the cuff! Start with unbuttoning both the cuff and gauntlet buttons. Now pull the cuff up to about two widths of the cuff. Grab the end part of the inside-out sleeve and roll it to the bottom of the cuff. Once again roll the sleeve, leaving a bit of the cuff exposed. That’s it your done!

3. Hate when tucked shirt puffs out on the sides? Try this!

Simply shoving your shirt into pants/trousers can cause some extra fabric to puff out around the waist, resembling the top of a muffin. You can of course prevent this by tucking in your shirt the right way. Grab the bottom of the shirt, pinch the excess fabric at the side seams, and fold it back when you tuck it in. This will hide extra fabric and doing so is particularly great for shirts that are wide.

4. Get the Perfect-Fitting Jeans using this Trick

how to get the perfect fitting jeans

Believe it or not, 90% of men are wearing the wrong size jeans that are either too large or too tight. But finding the perfect-fit jeans is not as tough as you think. Simply check if you can fit two fingers comfortably between your hip and the waistband of your jeans. If so, then you have found the right size!

5. Pick Shorts that are at just the Right Length

what is the right length for men shorts

Not too long and not too short – this is how shorts are supposed to fit. So, don’t wear shorts that fall below the knee or ones that are too short. The perfect pick is that which breaks at the knee or no more than 2-3 inches above the knee.

6. Don’t ever wear white socks with any Formal or Casual Outfit

white socks with formal outfit

Unless you’re playing sports outdoors or going to the gym, no excuse is acceptable for wearing white socks. They’re meant to be worn as sportswear, and should not be worn with any casual or formal outfit – especially a suit. So, please wear white socks only when working out and invest in a couple of dress socks to go with dress shoes and outfits.

7. Never Tuck in Casual Shirts and Polos

casual shirts and polos must be worn untucked

Casual shirts and Polos are meant to be worn untucked. They fit better with the torso and don’t have all that extra fabric material as the classic fit shirts do. But make sure that their proportions are clean. A shirt or Polo tee should not cross your hips in length, otherwise tucking in is recommended to avoid looking nerdy.

8. Say a big no to Deep V-neck Shirts

deep v neck shirt gif image

V-necks are great, but men wearing those deep V-necks can look so damn tacky. So, if you love v-necks, please remember this rule of thumb: the bottom of your v-neck shirt should fall no lower than 2-3 inches below the collarbone.

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