According to Expert What are the top 10 professional life hacks?

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What are top 10 professional life hacks? - Quora
  • Wear a neat dress, comb your hair properly and nice shoes must and should, people look at your shoes to know your value. So don’t compromise on looking confident and feeling confident.

  • Look in the full-length mirror before going out. You may never notice a hole while pressing your shirt or trousers, or a little bit of extra sunscreen lotion on your ears which can result in embarrassment.

  • Be punctual. Reach ten minutes before the time. Remember who respects time, time gives them opportunities.

  • Wish who and all you meet in your workplace at least a subtle smile, even for a peon. Give respect and take respect. Never forget, Peon is the CNN news channel in every office. knows everything.

  • Greet your seniors with confidence. Be humble. Don’t show arrogance in your voice. Be patient. Don’t push too much or irritate others to get approval. Be cool.

  • Listen carefully when someone speaks, even a fresher. Don’t jump to interrupt. Less talk. More listening.

  • Work hard. Think out of the box. Don’t follow the herd like a sheep. Never compare to others. Concentrate on yourself

  • Never postpone the work for tomorrow. Finish the work assigned for the day. No pending work. Don’t take work pressure to home.

  • Join new courses. Learn new things from free apps. Keep on updating yourself regularly.

  • While working don’t think about that new Chinese restaurant or the new girl in the office or both. Hey… Comeback. Focus.

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