Vacations in Dubai are luxurious. There is no shortage of attractions and architecture in Dubai. This place is very perfect, and as such, is a major attraction for tourists. There are the tallest buildings in the city and a glamorous lifestyle. Dubai offers many places to visit, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and many other spots like a desert safari. Similarly, Hatta is a part of the excursion, and it is a worthy place to visit and enjoy eternity. You can enjoy many thrill-seeking activities.  

Hatta is located in Dubai but is outside the city’s perimeter. The Hajar Mountains are high, about 130 kilometers southeast of the city. When the Omanis realized that they could no longer defend the town against the Buraimi tribes, it was given to Dubai around 1850.

The most adventurous part of the Hatta Mountains Tour is kayaking in Hatta Dam. Therefore, the tour begins there. Taking part in this activity will be an unforgettable experience. One of the best views in the UAE is of the mountains and lakes from the panoramic 360-degree view. Impress your friends and make the day memorable by taking amazing pictures.

During the Hatta tour of Dubai, the Hatta heritage village, which is, without a doubt, a fantastic place, is the most awaited and worth visiting.

Hatta has many unique and popular attractions, especially for those interested in learning about Arab culture and seeing remnants of its former splendor. Meanwhile, Hatta Hill Park is another place where you can enjoy peace with another level of enjoyment. This is ideal for family and friends looking to spend time together. Hatta Hill Park can be seen at the top of the upper mountain.

Hatta is now a popular summer escape for Dubai families with its cooler temperatures. Furthermore, it takes 90 minutes to get to Hatta by car from Dubai, and the fastest route is usually Sharjah-Kalba. Abu Dhabi is roughly 2.5 hours away.

What To Do in The Hatta Tour Dubai?

With Hatta tour Dubai, you will experience an adventure in the outdoors. Make sure you can spend the whole day outdoors without becoming dehydrated if you are going in spring or autumn. There are many hiking opportunities in Hatta’s Hajar Mountains, which cover its undulating peaks and troughs, and it is possible to hike through the winding wadis near Oman’s border. The dedicated campsite at Hatta is an excellent place to pitch your own tent if you’re a more adventurous person.

In your tent or caravan, take in the picturesque landscapes. In addition to providing easy access to Hatta Wadi Hub, which offers a wide range of activities, Hatta Camping grounds make the perfect place to spend the night. For those who don’t want to cook, there is a barbecue area to toast marshmallows. Nearby food trucks are also available. Hatta is a great place for practicing Quads, and bikes.

Around 50 kilometers of mountain bike trails cover a variety of terrains and distances at Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Center. Bikers can ride their own bikes for free. There is free parking at the trail center so that you can leave your car there. Hatta Wadi Hub can provide you with expert instruction and bike rentals. If you download the app, you’ll be able to navigate the trails, and you won’t have to worry about obstacles.

Besides natural lakes and rocky mountains, you’ll also find prairies and deserts. If you intend to stay overnight, a Hatta Trail Campsite has flat ground, toilets, and shower blocks. Moreover, horse riding lovers will be more excited about horse riding there. Take in the Hatta mountainscape from the perspective of a horse. It is not necessary to be an expert in horses to enjoy the rides. There is also a local market where you can buy handwoven carpets. Our Hatta tour Dubai offers a full chilling package to make your visit worthwhile.

Wrap It Up!

So, this is all about the Hatta tour Dubai. Once you visit such a serene place, you’ll not think about seeing another one. This place is a whole mood and offers you great vibes. So, what’s your plan now? Have you made up your mind? If so, hire Sunset Desert Dubai for the best experience. 


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