He’s Akshay Kumar

  1. By no means tasted tea or espresso in his total life
  2. Hardly ever drinks alcohol and by no means indulges in smoking
  3. Rises with the Solar rise and sleeps when the Solar set
  4. Hardly events and normally finishes his dinner by 7 P.M.
  5. Abstains from consuming sweets or sugar at night time
  6. Prefers strolling over automotive, and stairs to elevators/carry, each time attainable[1]

Folks name him a disciplined individual.

Is he truly a disciplined individual ?

No. He appears disciplined !


For being disciplined we have to have 4 issues

Self- Management , Willpower, Supply of motivation & Constant gratification.

Sadly, all these 4 are finite and never accessible on a regular basis to maintain us disciplined.

If we observe rigorously, we discover that

We are usually extra disciplined within the morning than night. That’s as a result of our Willpower is absolutely charged.

We are usually extra disciplined when, we’re extra blissful. If harassed, we eat crap and do crap.

We are usually extra disciplined when, there’s profitable reward ready for us. If we’re supplied to lose 20 kg weight in 20 days, we will probably be absolutely disciplined all through these 20 days. isn’t it?

Now, What if all these 4 issues will not be accessible to us, We’re more likely to have hassle sustaining the self-discipline.

Means, We cannot at all times be disciplined. Nonetheless, if we’re in a position to inculcate “HABIT” with the assistance of “DISCIPLINE”, we now not required to be disciplined in any respect, will we?

Scientifically, It takes 18 days to 254 days of constant disciplined life to amass the hardest of the habits, relying upon the method and dedication of the individual.

As soon as it turns into our behavior, we glance disciplined!



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