3 Things to do to get smarter – (with a bonus tip)

There are hundreds if not thousands of methods to become smarter. However, depending on numerous factors all of them might not be applicable to each individual.

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Every person is different and so is their brain. Being ‘smart’ and thus ‘smarter’ is relative. So here are three simple things you can do to give your brain the extra edge!

  1. Try Brain Foods: According to Harvard Health, certain foods have shown to be helpful in achieving better brain health. Green Vegetables, Berries and Walnuts are some off the top examples.

2. Move it a little: Our body is wonderful system. A quick gym session or a simple jog/run can increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn boosts brain cell production and voila!

3. Read daily: Reading daily has been misinterpreted in terms of brain development over the years. As any other muscle our brain too needs exercise and that is where reading daily comes in handy. While reading we are exposed to new data that our brain has to process and by developing a habit we are indulging in some brain exercise.

Here is the golden trio of brain development which is proven to give you what you want.

Now the bonus tip:

Try this, think of any four-digit number, like 4335. Now start adding +1 to all of them in your mind, that will be 5446 and keep going, 6557, 7668, 8779 and so on!

A wonderful way to jump-start your brain.

Thanks for reading.

And remember,

You are awesome!

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