Green Glamour: Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK

The availability and popularity of sustainable clothes are rising worldwide. The UK is one country where there are many ethical clothing companies.

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The best sustainable fashion companies in the UK are included in this article. To make purchasing sustainably more accessible, we took care to provide solutions that suit all tastes, price ranges, and genders.

How Did We Discover These Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK?

Several strategies exist for making a garment line viable. The manufacture of their apparel, from the supply chain to the shipment, is carefully regulated by sustainable fashion businesses to protect people and the environment. This indicates that they use environmentally friendly products and production techniques and offer fair working conditions and pay.

We try to steer clear of companies that misrepresent their products’ environmental impact or engage in unethical business practices. This implies that each of the brands listed below is upfront about their production method and explains how they are sustainable. Based on the information we have at this moment, we can say that all of the brands listed below follow our ethical criteria. Even though we’ve done our homework, it’s crucial to personally verify any company before endorsing it to make sure your beliefs are aligned.

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Please take note that the following contains affiliate links, which means that if you decide to make a purchase using these links, we may receive a small compensation (at no additional cost to you). This money helps us maintain our website. As always, we only highlight companies that fulfill our strict sustainability standards and those we know you’ll adore.

The clothing we currently own is the most environmentally friendly option! A critical, though underappreciated, component of sustainability is conscious garment care, which extends the lifespan of our apparel.

Our favorite sustainable clothing companies in the UK are:

1. People Tree

Best For: Accessories and wardrobe staples

Size Range: UK 8-16

Price Range: $-$$$

Consciousness: Fair Trade, Organic Materials, and Giving Back

Since its founding in 1991, People Tree has been a prominent name in Fair Trade design. The firm claims that they were the first clothing line to get a label from the World Fair Trade Organisation.

You can get just about everything you need at People Tree, including classic pieces, intimates, fitness, and quirky designs. Materials including GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, and TENCEL are used to make their clothing.

2. Beaumont Natural

Ideal For: Essentials, Accessories, Baby Clothes, and Shoes

Size range: XS to L

Price range: $$ to $$

Natural and organic materials and local production are conscious qualities.

A large variety of goods are available from the UK apparel company Beaumont Organic, which predominantly uses recycled and organic cotton in its production. At Beaumont, you may discover classic items in every category, including household goods. The majority of Beaumont Organic’s clothing is created in Portugal, and each piece includes information on who made it and where it was made.

3. Rare & Fair

Best For: Workwear and dresses

Size range: XXS-XL

Price range: $$$

Conscious Features: Handmade by Artists; Natural Materials; Custom Made

Rare & Fair is a great place to browse if you want to add some very stylish things to your wardrobe. A modest range of handcrafted products manufactured from natural fibres are produced by this UK-based slow fashion company.

In order to handloom their items from locally obtained materials, Rare & Fair collaborates with local artisan groups in Thailand. Despite having a small size range, each item may be customised to your exact measurements to save waste.

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4. MAHI’s

Best Uses Are Bags

Range of prices: $

Conscious Features: Gives Back; Vegan; Handmade

A modest range of bags from the UK-based company MAHI are constructed of vegan cork leather. Their cork leather is waterproof, plastic-free, and biodegradable. If you’d like, your initials can be added to each bag’s 100% cotton lining. You have a selection of messenger bags, backpacks, duffle bags, and laptop sleeves.

5. Fanfare

Best For: Wardrobe staples and statement pieces

Range of prices: $-$$$

Sizes: UK 6 to 16

Conscious Features: Recycled, Made in the Community, and Gives Back

Fanfare is a UK company that produces beautiful goods from recycled and repurposed materials. To make their clothing and reduce landfill waste, they remodel excess and vintage things. You may get pantsuits, jeans, and dresses fashioned from deadstock and recycled fabrics here, as well as other very unique items.

6. Recommended For:

Wardrobe Essentials and Accessories

Range of prices: $-$$

Sizes: UK 6 to 18

Organic and recycled materials, vegan-friendliness, and circular production are conscious qualities.

A sustainable UK design company called Thought creates garments for people of all sexes. Everything you could possibly want, including necessities, intimates, and stylish but classic pieces, is produced by Thought. Thought not only upcycles but also employs natural, organic, and recycled materials to make their apparel. You can give them your gently used clothing for free, and they’ll recycle it to keep it out of landfills.

7. Julie May

Best For: Private Moments

Range of prices: $

Sizes: UK 8 to 18

Gives back; uses organic and recycled materials; uses fair labour in production

A sustainable women’s apparel company called Julie May creates fashionable intimates that are intended to encourage and empower women at all stages of life. This brand is distinctive in that they prioritise using fabrics that are kind to the skin so that ladies who suffer from allergies, psoriasis, or eczema may wear them. Additionally, they provide intimates made especially to help ladies going through menopause or recovering from breast surgery.


Best For: Classic Items

Price: between $ and $

S-L size range

a) Consciousness: Small Batch; Organic & Recycled Materials; GOTS-Certified Factories

COSSAC creates small-batch collections of gorgeous, feminine designs. Eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester are used to create classic yet unique patterns. To ensure ethical manufacture, they only collaborate with family-run or GOTS-certified factories. Even COSSAC discloses information on its factories, such as the salaries and vacation days provided.

9. ELV Denim

Ideal For: Jeans and outerwear

Range of prices: $$$ Size range: 24-32

Consciousness: Upcycling, Zero Waste, and Locally Made

All of your denim needs, including jeans, skirts, shirts, and jackets, are catered to by E.L.V. To reduce landfill trash, they use used jeans to create their creative and timeless patterns. From washing to hand-crafted manufacture, every stage of the production process places a priority on sustainability and helps local companies. They provide both bespoke tailoring and made-to-order jeans to guarantee a great fit. 

10. ILK + Ernie

Statement Pieces are ideal.

Price: between $ and $

Sizes: XS to XL

Conscious characteristics: small batch, fair wage, and upcycling

ILK + Ernie is a distinctive sustainable fashion company in the UK because of its eye-catching patterns and retro-inspired designs. Only 10-15 items from each collection, including 70s-style pantsuits, trousers, and quirky shirts, are produced twice a year. ILK & Ernie, a Brighton-based clothing company, makes sure that no fabric is wasted throughout the manufacturing process by using fabric remnants from the fashion supply chain.

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