How can I eat 200 grams of protein a day?

Whoa, That’s a problem. It appears you need to put in some heavy muscle mass.

Don’t fear, you may obtain your 200 protein grams per day objective. Let’s make a weight loss plan that fills all of your necessities.

We going to take 6 meals per day(Three main + 2 snacks + 1 earlier than the mattress). You must eat these meals with a 2–3-hour hole.

200 grams of protein means 200*4 = 800 calories. So your 800 g of whole energy a day is coming from the protein itself. The whole energy is somewhere around 2500–3000.

Effectively, you didn’t point out whether you were a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. So I’m assuming that you’re okay with eggs.

Let’s Make the Food Regimen Plan:


Eggs with peanut butter toast


6 eggs (Four white, 2 complete), Four slices brown bread, peanut butter (2 spoons).

You may combine the egg white and complete eggs and cook dinner round 4–5 minutes after which serve with toasted bread with peanut butter.

1. Whole Protein: 40 grams


Chickpeas with some yogurt.


Boiled chickpeas(50 grams), yogurt (100 grams).

Combined boiled chickpeas with yogurt and high some spices like black pepper, black salt, and many others over it.

2. Whole Protein: 20–25 grams


Soya chunk salad

Ingredient: Soya Chunks (100 grams), peanuts(25 grams) and sessional greens.

Boil round 100 grams of soya chunks and when it’s accomplished take away the socked water and blended it with the peanuts and chopped greens, you’ll be able to add some salt, black paper, and chat masala for style. Believe me…this one tastes superb as tremendous excessive in protein as properly.

3. Whole Protein: 60 grams

Snack 2:-

Egg Omelet with seasonal fruit


Four egg white + 1 complete egg + 1 orange + 5gm butter

Cook dinner eggs with some butter. you’ll be able to add some ketchup for the style.

4. Whole Protein: 20 grams


Paneer Bhurji


Paneer( Cottage Cheese round 150 grams) bhaji and brown rice (50 grams) and seasonal vegetable salad.

Select paneer and cook dinner with greens. You may add some spices for the style. Serve it with some 50 grams of brown rice. It’s a really properly balanced protein-rich meal.

5. Whole Protein: 30–40grams

Earlier than Mattress:

Casein Protein milkshake

That is the final meal of your day. You must take this 30–45 minutes earlier than you sleep.


Milk (1 glass), 1 scoop of casein protein powder

Combine 1 scoop of casein protein with 1 glass of lukewarm milk and shake it in a shaker.

Drink slowly. It’s excellent earlier than a mattress protein-rich meal.

6. Whole Protein: 25–30 grams

So, That’s all. You may see we now have nearly achieved 200 grams of protein per day.

In case you are actually into bodybuilding and need to construct big muscular tissues then comply with this routine with absolute dedication and self-discipline.

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