How Yoga is Effective for Your Kid Physical and Mental growth

Yoga Benefits & Easy to do Poses for Children

Yoga can play a very important role in your kid’s life, helping them to learn healthy habits that will remain for their lifetime and also setting the foundation for an energetic and positive future. Practicing yoga helps children to deal with stress, develop a well-balanced life, and strong mental health.


Starting yoga from an early stage of life is undoubtedly a good thought that benefits the physical as well as mental growth of your kids and there are various yoga poses for kids that help them to reach a state of mindfulness and inner peace.

Some important features of yoga are

  • Development in interpersonal relationships
  • Managing stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Dealing with various problems (physical and emotional)
  • Balanced life

The followings are some important yoga poses for kids:

Bridge pose

The first step is lying on your back and slightly bending your knees while keeping your feet flat on the surface, hip, and width apart. Make sure that your ankles and knees are in a straight line then place your arms beside your body in a resting manner. Breathe deeply while lifting your back off the surface. Hold the posture until it feels uncomfortable, and finally exhale and release.

Tree Pose

It starts with a mountain pose, legs and back should be straight, and hands at the sides. Place your right foot on your left thigh by lifting it and your hands above your head, pressing together. Continue with this pose at least for 30 seconds while gazing at a particular point 5 feet away from you, then release.

Cobra Pose

The first step is laying your face down, placing the tips of your feet and your palms on the opposite side of the floor. Pull your shoulders towards your spine and make the posture of a cobra, keep your chin up. Take the support of your hands but do not put too much pressure. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and release.

Bow pose

This is one of the most common yoga poses for kids. Take a mat and lie down on your stomach on it, keep your hands stretched and relaxed along the sides of your body. Try to bend and bring your feet towards your hips, then grasp the ankles with your hands. Lift your shoulders, legs, and gaze straight ahead and hold this for a few breaths (4-5) and after releasing rest on your stomach.

Note: Yoga enhances the balance, strength, and aerobic capacity of your body, improves sleep quality, reduces stress hormone release such as cortisone, improves academic performance and self-regulation skills, and so on.

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