The Best Reading Glasses of 2024

While buying apparel, digital gadgets, household goods, and other items online is excellent, many people are still apprehensive about buying glasses online.

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After receiving a new prescription, you might be used to purchasing a pair of glasses in a physical store, but many manufacturers now provide the option of making these purchases online. Online retailers provide a broader range of frame and lens options, and many of them also have tools and programs that let you try the glasses on so you can still see how they appear on your face. Simply choose your Best Reading Glasses of 2024 and wait for the store to verify your eyeglass prescription while you proceed through the checkout process to purchase glasses online.

We adore the new standard of purchasing, putting on, and enjoying eyewear through online shopping, and there are many alternatives available to you. Due to its numerous designs and colors, virtual and in-home try-on options, and brand name inventory, Warby Parker is our top choice for the finest online eyewear retailer. However, we also listed other shops that sell other brands, provide try-ons, have a variety of lens options, and more.

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The best online store to buy glasses in 2024

Warby Parker

The best online store to buy glasses overall

Warby Parker/ZDNET

pros & cons


  • Virtual and home try-on options
  • For every pair purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need
  • There are endless styles, colors, and sizes to choose from


  • Add-on lens options can be expensive
  • App is only available for iOS

more details

What Warby Parker offers Options to try on: Virtual and in-person | Return window: five days for in-home trials, thirty days for ordinary orders | Lens types: Traditional, blue, responsive, contacts

When buying glasses online, Warby Parker has established itself as a household name. You may get stylish, contemporary frames and high-quality lenses in both male and female designs. Additionally, Warby Parker sells contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, and eyeglasses.

Warby Parker will send you five pairs to try on at home for five days after you join up. Non-prescription lenses are included for the five-day trial period so the customer may concentrate on the style, feel, and fit. Additionally, you may download a free augmented reality software called Virtual Try-on to see how the glasses might look on you.

Prescription glasses start at $95 at Warby Parker, which offers exceptionally competitive pricing. Make sure the extras are worthwhile and keep an eye on the overall cost before checking out because Warby Parker’s prescription costs may increase by $400 or more with add-ons like blue light blocking and tinted lenses.

View now at Warby Parker

Glasses USA

Best online store to buy glasses for kids


pros & cons


  • Carries glasses for kids
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Full refund only applies to first pair returned

more details

Glasses USA features: Try-on options: Virtual | Return window: 14 days | Types of lenses: Classic, blue light glasses, readers, transition, sunglasses, contacts, kids 

A excellent online retailer for all things eyeglasses is Glasses USA. Glasses USA is a one-stop store for all types of eyewear, including contacts, bifocals, and glasses. It also provides children’s frames, which is not true of many of the other choices on our list.

Depending on the features you choose, prescription glasses might cost anywhere from $53 to over $200. There are almost 10,000 different combinations available at Glasses USA, so there is plenty of diversity. Please note that Glasses USA does not mail size samples for customers to test on. Your new glasses do, however, come with a 365-day warranty, a 100% money-back guarantee, and a virtual try-on option.

Unlike other online eyewear retailers, Glasses USA features well-known brands on its front page, including Michael Kors, Muse, Oakley, Versace, Ray-Ban, Prada, Persol, and Mui Mui.

Instead of having a single house brand, Glasses USA focuses on giving the buyer high fashion alternatives, as opposed to an online glasses boutique like Eye Buy Direct.

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View now at Glasses USA


A pair of glasses

Best budget-friendly online store to buy glasses


pros & cons


  • Budget-friendly price range
  • Virtual try-on tool


  • Cannot buy contact lenses
  • Limited amount of designer names

more details

What EyeBuyDirect offers: Options to try on: Digital | 14-day return window Classic, progressive, blue light, reading, transition, sunglasses, and bifocal types of lenses

The starting price for eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect is a remarkable $13, and the highest price point is in the $200–300 range. If something does not meet your demands, they provide a complete refund with no questions asked within 14 days.

EyeBuyDirect emphasises the use of premium materials for frames and lenses as well as the inclusion of fashionable brands in its selections. With the help of their virtual try-on tool, you can see exactly how the glasses will fit your face and how they will seem on you.

The website is quick and straightforward to use, making it simple to contact customer assistance. For almost all frames, you may also get blue-light- and sun-protective lenses.

EyeBuyDirect is a terrific place to start if you’ve never bought glasses online before.

View now at EyeBuyDirect


Three open boxes with glasses, contacts, and more surrounding them

Best online store to buy glasses with a vision plan


pros & cons


  • Offers a vision plan to switch up your lenses more frequently
  • Can choose what type of lens and lens material
  • Online eye exams


  • No try-on option

more details

Features of the lens: No alternatives for trying them on; 30-day return period classic, blue light, contacts, transitional, and reading lenses

Another excellent online source for prescription eyewear, contacts, and blue-light solutions is Lensabl.

Lensabl provides a yearly vision plan, which advertises discounts of up to 70%, in contrast to other online merchants. Plans may call for only glasses or just contacts. If you choose not to sign up for Lensabl’s yearly vision plan, they offer a wide range of one-time purchases.

Free standard delivery, risk-free returns for 30 days, and a 12-month guarantee are all included with your order. Expect exceptional blue-light protection, an anti-reflective coating, an anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV protection if you choose to add lenses with your frames.

The cost will vary based on the choices chosen and will be between $97 and $300. According to a variety of user reviews, Lensabl rates pretty highly for customer service. Although there is no try-on time for frames at Lensabl, you can rely on the staff there to be quite helpful.

View now at Lensabl

Liingo Eyewear

Three colorful tube boxes with two pairs of glasses near them

Best online store to buy glasses for trying on


pros & cons


  • Sign-up bonus for new customers
  • Long return window
  • At-home try-on


  • No contacts
  • Limited lens options to choose from

more details

Features of Liingo Eyewear Options to try on: Virtual and in-home | 5 days for in-home trials; 2 months for normal purchases | Classic, blue light, sunglasses, contacts

A fantastic one-time registration incentive is provided by the recently established online business Liingo Eyewear to attract new consumers. Liingo offers a virtual try-on facility and a 60-day warranty on the glasses you select, much like the other companies on this list. Additionally, you get the same choice of five frames that you may try on at home over the course of five days as with Warby Parker. Additionally, a frame fit tool is available that uses your facial measurements to provide precise frame suggestions.

With costs ranging from $79 to $139, Liingo’s frames are on the pricy side. Liingo will promptly and expertly mail your new glasses once you’ve locked in your preferred pair of glasses during the trial period and after your existing prescription has been verified.

Liingo provides you two months to return the glasses for a full refund, in contrast to the majority of businesses using this business model. This stands out as a distinct advantage over other online suppliers of glasses because it is uncommon.

View now at Liingo Eyewear

What is the best online store to buy glasses at?

Because of the variety of try-on options, pricing range, and lens options, we believe Warby Parker to be the greatest online eyewear retailer. Warby Parker offers eye exams as well.

However, it would be best to go with Glasses USA if you’re seeking for children’s eyewear. EyeBuyDirect is a great alternative if you’d want to spend less on your eyewear.

In order to help you make the best choice, we’ve broken down the crucial elements to take into account for each online eyeglass retailer.

StorePrice RangeTry-On OptionsStyles Offered
Warby ParkerStarting at $95Virtual app and home try-onClassic, sunglasses, blue light blockers, light responsive, and contact lenses
Glasses USA$53-$200VirtualClassic, sunglasses, readers, blue light blockers, kids’ glasses, transition, and contact lenses
EyeBuyDirect$13-$300Virtual try-on toolClassic, progressive, reading, transition, sunglasses, blue light blockers, and bifocals
Lensabl$97-$300NoneClassic, blue light, contacts, transitions, reading
Liingo Eyewear$79-$139Virtual and at homeGlasses, sunglasses, contacts, and blue light blockers

Which online store to buy glasses is right for you?

All of these online retailers are recommended for buying glasses, but the best one for you will depend on your preferences, your budget, and whether or not try-on options are vital to you.

Choose this online store to buy glasses…If you want…
Warby ParkerThe best overall option. You can try on glasses through the app or at home, and glasses are fairly priced starting at $95.
Glasses USATo buy glasses for your kid. You can expect a return window of 14 days and a 100% money-back guarantee. 
EyeBuyDirectA budget-friendly online glasses store with affordable options. There is also a virtual try-on tool. 
LensablA vision plan built into your glasses store. The vision plan boasts savings of up to 70%.
Liingo EyewearDifferent options for trying on glasses. Along with virtual and at-home try-on, it also has a frame fit tool. 

How did we choose these stores?

Based on user evaluations, price range, available styles, and simplicity of use, we selected these shops. Based on our personal interactions with several of these online glass retailers, we also gave these options some thought. Ultimately, these were the factors most important to us: 

  • Try-on options: Online eyeglass purchases can be challenging since how the glasses look on your face will determine whether you like them or not. Because of this, we stayed with solutions that provide a variety of try-on possibilities, such a virtual or at-home programme.
  • Styles and lenses: Depending on your lifestyle and eyesight demands, you could require a different type of lens. In order for you to get the best fit for you, we selected retailers that provided lenses such as transition, blue light, readers, and more. Considering that everyone has a distinct face shape, we also took into account shops that have a wide variety of frame designs.
  • Price points: Because eyeglasses may be pricey, we made an effort to identify retailers with reasonable pricing points and return policies so you can be confident you’re making the proper investment.

Why should I buy glasses online?

Online retailers make it simple to purchase glasses, and the process should be fluid and user-friendly.

Buying a pair of prescription glasses online without trying them on could seem a little hazardous. Numerous companies provide various sorts of try-on periods and accommodate no-questions-asked return policies, which reduce this danger.

Online purchases of eyeglasses can sometimes be even simpler than in-store transactions. Most online eyeglass retailers will send you several pairs so you may test them out for fit and style.

Do online glasses stores take insurance?

If you have insurance, most online retailers will accept it; just make sure to double-check. For your information, Warby Parker, EyeBuyDirect, and Lensabl accept insurance payments out of the retailers on our list.

Additionally, businesses like Liingo and Glasses USA accept FSA/HSA funds.

To find out what is covered for eyesight and purchase a pair of glasses, you may also contact your insurance provider.

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