Top 10 Eco-Conscious Clothing Brands That’ll Make You Green

We urgently need some rapid fashion alternatives in a world where clothes are destroying the environment—really, the fashion sector is the second largest worldwide emitter of greenhouse gases after coal. With the style assistance of these eco-friendly clothing companies, let’s dress to please our collective house rather than our friends.

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We independently investigate everything we offer to you on Sustainable Jungle, and we ask all businesses to verify their claims. We evaluate items as needed in order to prevent waste. There are affiliate links in this article. We could receive a small compensation if you purchase something after clicking one of our links. Discover the reasons for our actions here.

The Full List of Sustainable Eco-Conscious Clothing Brands

  • Pact
  • Tentree
  • Dedicated Brand
  • Patagonia
  • Colorful Standard
  • A.BCH
  • MATE the Label
  • The Very Good Bra
  • Organic Basics
  • Frank And Oak
  • Thought
  • Kotn

1. Pact

About Pact

Price Range: $20–$128

In addition to being Earth’s FavoriteTM, Pact is one of our favorite sustainable apparel companies, and we’ve tested everything from their dressier styles to their sustainable essentials.

For both men and women, they have a big selection of organic cotton t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, shorts, and other clothing.

Our favorite aspects of Pact’s dresses, like the Fit & Flare collection, which is as gorgeous as it is practical and comfortable, are their basic designs and very soft organic cotton fabric.

Did we mention that the majority of the clothes worn by the women had pockets?

Pact’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


GOTS-certified organic cotton is the main component of Pact’s environmentally friendly clothes. Some eco-friendly clothing is made from a combination of renewable materials, including hemp. Some of the organic cotton apparel from Pact contains elastane, and each page explicitly lists the ingredients used.

Supply chain and labor practices:

According to their website, the majority of the sustainable brand’s clothes are made in India in Fair Trade facilities. More than 50% of the organic cotton used by Pact comes from factories in India that adhere to ethical labor standards.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Pact doesn’t use single-use plastic in any of its environmentally friendly clothes. Instead, they make use of Vela bags, which are created ethically and are recyclable, carbon neutral, and FSC-certified.  Pact, a clothing company that cares about the environment, calculates its carbon footprint in collaboration with SimpliZero and offsets it through reforestation and renewable energy initiatives.


The eco-friendly men’s clothing sizes range from S–XL. Women’s sizes range from XS–2X. 

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2. Tentree

About Tentree

Price Range: $35–$328

Men and women can dress for the great outdoors while also protecting it thanks to the cheap eco-friendly clothing line Tentree. Tanks, shirts, slacks, leggings, sweaters and outerwear are all part of their ‘earth-first’ sustainable outdoor gear line. With them, fashions like the Rib Lettuce Edge Longsleeve Sweater with its unlimited layerability that work for both the street and the outdoors actually do grow on trees.

Tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices Materials: 

Among the most sustainable fabrics, Tentree’s major fabrics include TENCELTM lyocell, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials. Some clothing has elastane incorporated into it since morning runs wouldn’t be as comfortable without it.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

You can identify the manufacturing facility that produced each item of eco-friendly clothes thanks to this Certified B Corp’s public factory ledger.  Many are BSCI and Fair Wear Foundation certified by third parties.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Tentree is a climate-neutral business that offers clients new ways to buy carbon offsets. There are subscriptions available to counterbalance an average monthly effect, or you may purchase specific offsets to plant trees to reduce the emissions brought on by long showers, binge-watching, and foreign travel. By moving to either 100% post-consumer recyclable and biodegradable poly bags or biodegradable paper, Tentree hopes to do away with plastic bags.


Women’s sizes are from XS-XXL. Men’s sizes are of an equally extensive S-XXL range. 

3. Dedicated Brand

About Dedicated Brand

Price Range: $9–$399

The goal of Dedicated Brand is to offer both men and women upscale, eco-friendly clothes.   They feature a big selection of certified sustainable material-made sweaters, knitwear, skirts, dresses, shorts, and accessories. Numerous blouses made of certified organic cotton contain unpretentious patterns developed with sustainable water-based eco-friendly dyes, such as the cute Visby Cat Crowd. Because they are airy and feature a boxy design, they are ideal for any temperature.

Dedicated Brand’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


In order to create their products, Dedicated Brand employs organic cotton, recycled polyester, TENCELTM, recycled wool, hemp fabric, and BIONIC-FINISH® ECO.

They also sell clothing devoid of animal products that has the PETA Vegan Logo.

Supply chain & labor practices:

With partners that share its beliefs, Dedicated demands recurrent audits, site inspections, and adherence to its Code of Conduct. Suppliers and manufacturers are working towards B Corp certification and are Fair Trade, GOTS, SA8000, WRAP, and/or GRS certified.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

To ensure that consumers get the most usage out of their purchases, Dedicated packages its items in recyclable polybags that have received GRS certification and offers washing and care instructions.


Women’s eco-friendly clothes can be purchased in sizes XS–XL, men’s in XS–XXL and 28–36”

4. Patagonia

About Patagonia

Price Range: $45–$269

Given that roughly a quarter of our wardrobes have their recognisable emblem, Patagonia is among the greatest sustainable apparel companies in the USA and internationally.

We could go on and on about all of their wonderful products—which, by the way, frequently last for decades rather than constantly changing with the seasons—but we’ll limit our diatribe to the Micro Puff Jacket.

This puffy jacket is a year-round favourite in our collection since it is 100 percent recycled. Its recycled synthetic down substitute fill is significantly more dependable and ethical while being just as light and toasty as its feathery predecessor.

They sell everything, including formal outfits and loungewear as well as technical skiwear.

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Patagonia uses environmentally friendly textiles made of renewable or organic cotton, hemp, down that has been certified by the RDS, cashmere, polyester, down, nylon, and other recycled materials in close to 90% of their products.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The majority of Patagonia’s items are made in facilities with Fair Trade certification.

The Fair Labour Association founded and approved the eco-friendly clothing line, and you can learn exactly where each item was made according to their Footprint Chronicles.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Patagonia has always been one of the most forward-thinking apparel companies when it comes to environmental initiatives.

They utilised 100% organic or regenerative cotton, helping launch the first certification programme for regenerative agriculture, and their recycled textiles have prevented over 900 tonnes of recycled plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

Through Patagonia’s Worn Wear programme, every item of apparel from this eco-friendly company may be sold again.


Patagonia’s eco-friendly women’s clothing ranges from XS–XXL and 0–18. The men’s sizes range from XS–XXL and 28″–40″ in short, regular, and long inseams. 

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5. Colorful Standard

About Colorful Standard

Price Range: $11–$90 

It’s challenging to compete with Colourful Standard in terms of eco-friendly, minimalist apparel lines.

Using only certified organic cotton, CS creates high-quality, long-lasting wardrobe essentials including organic sweatpants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

We possess two of the dependable and really cosy Organic Crewnecks since we adore them so much, but when we see their heavenly 63 colour options, we find ourselves yearning for more.

Colorful Standard’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


When organic cotton cannot be used, the sustainable apparel maker alternates between utilising 100% GRS-certified recycled wool and GOTS-certified organic cotton in virtually all of its products.

All of those vibrant, environmentally friendly hoodies are made with low-impact dyes that have received OEKO-TEX certification as being free of dangerous chemicals.

Supply chain & labor practices:

At a manufacturing facility in Portugal, every eco-friendly apparel is created in accordance with the strict guidelines established by the EU.

Anyone is welcome to tour Colourful Standard’s ethical factories thanks to its complete transparency.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Compared to traditional fast fashion firms, their manufacturing method employs ways to minimise fabric waste. They use the leftover fabric scraps from their precision manufacturing process as furniture filler.

All of the labels and eco-friendly packaging for this sustainable fashion line are made, if feasible, from recycled plastic.


The sustainable clothing for women offers XS–2XL women’s and XS–2XL men’s. 

6. A.BCH

About A.BCH

Price Range: $60–$682

When was the last time you noticed a sustainable, green apparel line offering product rentals?

A.BCH practises circular and zero waste fashion, creating items that may be recycled, reused, or composted.

High-quality, stylish jackets, coats, shirts, bottoms, skirts, and accessories are available for purchase or rental.

We adore alternatives like the Fine Flannel Shirt for its exquisite fit and gender-neutral style.

A.BCH’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


RWS Merino wool, organic cotton, recycled cotton, organic linen, hemp, and TENCELTM are a few of the sustainable materials used by A.BCH.

They use non-toxic dyes and finishes on several of their GOTS-certified organic textiles.

Supply chain & labor practices:

A.BCH prioritises local raw material sources and manufactures all of their items in accordance with the standards set out by Ethical Clothing Australia Accreditation.

The items are made locally in Melbourne, Australia, at a facility owned by the company that pays far more than the Australian Living Wage.

In order to guarantee fair salaries, working conditions, and audits from GOTS, Fair Trade, or the Fair Wear Foundation, the ecologically friendly clothing line looks for partners with carbon-neutral manufacturers.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Each item is created by A.BCH with a whole lifetime in mind, and after it has served its purpose, it must be recyclable or compostable.

They accept returned branded clothing and evaluate it for recycling or repurposing by fusing it with new sustainable materials.

They use UN Certified Emission Reduction (CER) certificates to offset all of the carbon emissions produced at their wind-powered facility.

Additionally, customers have the option to rent items, which lowers trash production expenses. We adore renting clothes online!


Many A.BCH pieces are gender-neutral, allowing for more inclusive and diverse designs. Hooray for more gender-neutral clothing brands.

They otherwise offer men’s sizes XXS–3XL and women’s sizes XXS–3XL and 1–5.

7. MATE The Label

About MATE the Label

Price Range: $15–$268

MATE the Label, one of the best eco-friendly clothing companies Los Angeles has to offer, is a fantastic buddy to have.

This slow fashion company uses inclusive sizing, circular manufacturing processes, and ethical supply chains—all things that quick fashion does not.

They sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, bottoms, thermals, shorts, tanks and other clothing for ladies.

The best way to sum up their collection of eco-friendly loungewear and activewear is to say that it is “simply stylish”. They are simplistic and straightforward in design, but they provide mainstays of the everyday wardrobe, like the Organic Fleece Relaxed Pocket Sweatpant, a higher degree of flair.

MATE the Label’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


MATE employs TENCELTM modal and lyocell, organic cotton, recycled cotton, and linen while using a minimal amount of elastane to keep clothing biodegradable and frequently compostable.

Low-impact dyes are used to colour clothing. Instead of plastic, even the buttons are constructed of genuine pearwood.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

This eco-friendly apparel line solely uses American-made products.

Within a 17-mile radius of its LA headquarters, the whole supply chain of MATE is localised, including cutting, sewing, dyeing, and packing.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

MATE, the Label is a Climate Neutral and B Corp Certified Company.

Along with using eco-friendly workplace supplies (bamboo desks, biodegradable packaging materials, organic feminine products, and eco-friendly toilet paper), they also offer on-site recycling and composting.

You may learn about MATE’s contributions to promoting California-grown cotton and regenerative farming methods in their impact report. MATE is a member of the California Cotton and Climate Coalition.


MATE offers women’s sizes XS–3X. 

8. The Very Good Bra

About The Very Good Bra

Price Range: $90–$99

The Very Good Bra asserts that its product is the “only zero waste bra available.”

The Australian company’s Kickstarter campaign was the result of the founder’s breast cancer diagnosis.

After a couple of years, they now provide nursing bras, ecological knickers, and bras with patterns and solid colours.

In our podcast interview with the founder, Stephanie Devine, we were able to confirm that she is a fashion visionary who is actively striving to improve the fashion business, such as by establishing Australia’s first textile composting standard.

The Very Good Bra’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The exterior of the organic bras from Very Good Bra is composed of 100% organic cotton, while the internal lining is made of Lenzing TENCELTM thread.

They exclude spandex/elastane, nylon labels, polyester thread, and synthetic elastic. In its place, some natural tree rubber has been added for some stretch.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Many websites, including those in Australia, Germany, Italy, and Portugal, are sources of content for TVGB. WRAP and SEDEX certifications for some of their suppliers guarantee fair treatment, cost-free healthcare, and livable wages.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

TVGB upholds the highest standards for social and environmental practices as a Certified B Corp.

Pre-orders help support specific bras, reducing textile waste and energy use.

Since those annoying components often appear to degrade earlier than the rest of the bra, you may also get replacement bra straps.

Thanks to Sendle, Australian orders are delivered carbon-neutrally, but all goods are sent in recyclable or biodegradable packaging.


Bra sizes range from 8/30C to 16/38E, while the bottoms range from 8/XS to 16/XL. 

9. Organic Basics

About Organic Basics

Price Range: $12–$150

One of the cheapest sustainable apparel companies on our list is Organic Basics.

Although they began by specializing in organic men’s knickers, such as the very soft, 100% GOTS cotton Rib-Flex Boxers, they now provide a wide selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, skirts, sportswear and accessories for both sexes.

Organic Basics’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


As the name implies, certified organic materials make up the majority of this ethical and environmentally friendly apparel line.

They also employ recycled polyester, recycled wool, and TENCELTM Lyocell in addition to recycled and organic cotton.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Organic Basics guarantees that its vendors, farms, and manufacturing facilities employ safe working conditions, provide livable salaries, and forbid child and forced labor.

SA8000 standards are used to audit each partner. They also comply with BSCI and are Sedex members.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

A low-impact website and free carbon-neutral shipping from a European supply chain are used by Organic Basics.

They collaborated with Made2Flow to track their environmental footprint and determine how they may lower their carbon emissions by taking part in regenerative agricultural projects.


Men’s sizes range from XS–XXL and 35–46. Women’s sizes XXS–XXL and 35–46.

10. Frank And Oak

About Frank And Oak

Price Range: $7–$549

One of the eco-friendly apparel brands that does things correctly is Frank and Oak.

They create some of the most extraordinary sweaters, hoodies, shirts, jeans, cardigans, and accessories for men and women using sustainable and reused fabrics.

Our go-to core wardrobe—those things you have to make an effort not to wear constantly—now includes a few items of their eco-friendly clothes.

Our all-time favorite pair of comfortable jeans are the Linda High Rise Jeans, which we can also dress up with their Classic Blazer.

Frank And Oak Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Hemp, recycled cotton, recycled wool, and recycled nylon are just a few of the ecological textiles and recycled materials that Frank and Oak employ.

Their denim goods are predominantly comprised of organic cotton, with a small amount of elastane and TENCELTM lyocell (1% each).

They are also setting the standard for a number of novel materials, such as SeaCell, a sustainable fabric comprised of eucalyptus and seaweed.

Instead of utilizing artificial colors, Frank and Oak use minerals that have been recovered using water and plant-based colours.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Since Frank And Oak is a Certified B Corp, its 28 facilities in China, Bangladesh, and the UAE must adhere to exacting production standards.

Each of their associates abides by their code of conduct and is subject to audits by independent agencies like Sedex, WRAP, BSCI, and SA8000.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The environmentally friendly apparel company creates “hydro-less denim,” which drastically lessens its effect.

This sustainable denim brand uses 79% less energy, 50% fewer chemicals, and 95% less water than traditional denim manufacturing.

There is no need to ponder what to do with old jeans since they have partnered with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go GreenTM program to let consumers recycle their old Frank And Oak jeans for 15% off a new pair.

Frank and Oak employs biodegradable poly bags and recycled paper kraft boxes as recyclable packaging.


Frank And Oak offers men’s sizes between XXS—XXL and Frank and Oak offers men’s sizes between XXS—XXL and 28″—38″ and women’s sizes between XXS—XXL and 23′′ to 32′′.

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