Here are some dressing hacks to style in a perfect way.

1. Shirt

The length of the shirt must be the same as the length of your sleeves.


If sleeves of shirt don’t fit you, then you must roll them.

Correct way:

You can wear a shirt over a t-shirt, and you should keep the shirt unbuttoned.

Perfect shirt with a formal shirt:

2. Suits

3. T-shirts

On a less formal occasion ocofor college students, one should wear a t-shirt which has collar (Polo t-shirt) insted of wearing round neck or v-neck t-shirts.

4. Trousers

Always wear white sneakers with blue jeans and not black shoes.

Never ever wear visible socks when wearing joggers. Instead you can wear no-show socks.

Youcanpinroll your jeans.

Go for different shades of jeans instead of completely blue.

If you like ripped jeans, just go for simple knee-ripped jeans. It looks good.


1 . When wearing formal clothes, the color of your belt and shoe should be same.

2. The length of formal pants should be such that no foldings or wrinkles appear when you wear them.

These are just the hacks which I follow.

1. When wearing a half-sleeve t-shirt (round neck or v-neck), make sure that the sleeves fit your arm; otherwise, you can just fold sleeves once.

Or you can just go for full sleeve shirts. These look good.

2. When wearing shorts, wear a t-shirt or plain colored shirts, and sneakers or slip ons or flip-flops.

You can get any length of shorts.

3. Always go for simple casual shoes, sneakers, and slip-ons.

Some of my favorite are:

4. Flip-flops

The footwear mentioned above are just my favorites. You may go for other simple colored footwear

Hope you all like these .


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