There are many hair products for regrowth hairs. But from the use of product one can not be hair growth. There are some steps that you should follow with it.

Our hairs are like a plant we should care for growing. In the lack of care and love, it will die. Our body part grows to depend on your food with which we eat in our daily routine. We always should take healthy food. If there is a well amount of nutrition it will help in growing our hairs.

1. Water is a base of life. There is nobody who can live without water. We can live without food but not water. Water helps our hair roots to get stronger and shinier. We should drink water in a well amount.

2. Oil massage is the main step for the care of hair. When we massage our hair it becomes strong and prevents from falls. One should massage their hairs before wash. Two times massage is compulsory to grow.

3. Cleanenes is a must for the regrow hair. When hairs are clean it will help in hair to regrow and prevent from falls.

You can use any oil for massage and any shampoo for hair wash. But always remember that keep one shampoo and oil for it. Different types of appliers will damage your hair.

If you are suffering from hair fall, you should use onion oil it is best for regrowing hair. Onion helps in regrow the hairs and stop hair fall. But pure onion oil is unable to apply for anybody and it would of dangerous.

So in my opinion you should try Santegrow Onion oil for it. It has jaitun oil, Almond oil, coconut oil, Neem oil, onion oil, vitamin c, lavender oil in it. These all kinds of the mixture is the best treatment for hair regrow hair.

I am using it on my daily basis.

Its fragrance is awesome that is comfortable in apply in hairs. I am using it from the last three months. It needs a very small amount to apply. You should apply it gently in the roots of the hairs.

It will take some time in regrowing hairs. After using one month you can it’s results.

With it, you can also take multivitamins. It will cover the lack of food. If you can get keratin with it that it will be a miracle.

4. There is Santegrow multivitamin in it there are vitamins, minerals, probiotics,biotic and keratin . After taking this there is no need to take these all from various products. There are 74 ingredients that are best for our whole body. You can see it in this.

My family using it from many times and we all got best results for it. So I always recommend it.

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