What are the three daily practices to stay young?

The Indian Superstar Mahesh Babu at 43. He is one of the most attractive Movie artists in India. Physical Fitness is one noteworthy factor that makes him a fruitful Protagonist on Indian Celluloid. Unmistakably put, his physical wellness says a lot about his screen nearness. As normal life expectancy is taken to be 70 one should be cautious about one’s own wellness levels.

In light of your question, I would suggest a problem-free manner here so as to remain fit significantly in the wake of achieving about 40 years.

1. Exercise for 30 minutes. An energetic walk is all that could possibly be needed for General Fitness.

2. Young ladies never love TARZANS ROBOSTIC GIGANTIC STOCKY BUILT SUPER NATURAL HUMAN BEINGS when all is said in done.

3. Drink at any rate 10 glasses of WATER every day so as to dodge DIGESTIVE DISORDERS however not 5 liters to be deceived.

4. Have breakfast like a ? KING lunch like a PRINCE and supper like a BEGGAR.

5. Eat more nourishment that is developed on trees and ? PLANTS and eat less nourishment that is produced in PLANTS. Be that as it may, never be a GRASS-EATING ANIMAL.

6. Live with 3 E’s. Vitality ENTHUSIASM and EMPATHY.


8. In the event that You EAT FOOD? LIKE MEDICINE in the later stages YOU HAVE TO TAKE MEDICINE LIKE FOOD. A Confession of a Billionaire.

9. Play more GAMES and SPORTS for FLEXIBILITY and Fitness.

10. Rest? TIGHT for in any event SIX HOURS out of every day.

11. Repel SALT NON-CONCENTRATED nourishments and don’t drink SODA.

12. Invest some subjective energy in READING ? ? BOOKS. Understand NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES.

13. Sit peacefully for at any rate 10 minutes to rehearse QUIETNESS.

14. Never pay attention to TRIVIAL THINGS. Giggle at them.

15. Never come close to your existence with others. You have no clue what their excursion is about.

16. TIME mends everything.

17. Continuously overestimate the TRAVEL TIME.

18. Try not to squander your valuable vitality on GOSSIP, when you deliver a protracted discourse you are probably going to slip your tongue. and the most undesirable difficulty anticipates you.

19. Maintain a strategic distance from ALCOHOL utilization and SMOKING


21. In the event that a man who finds a spouse he finds something worth being thankful for. Make a judicious lady your significant other. She is unquestionably more valuable than gems. In any case, what your days are? numbered. Recollect lady? sobs before marriage however Man? sobs after marriage.

22. Never practice Chastity. It is smarter to get hitched instead of igniting with Lust. None is a conceived Saint. None can swim upstream, and so do Biological Needs. You can live without nourishment for a fortnight however without SLEEP you can not live over seven days. Water does as well, air however not the least Coitus.

23. Make harmony with your Past as such it won’t ruin the Present.

24. You are the content author lyricist arranger executive and maker of your own REAL LIFE CHARACTER: the PROTAGONIST.

25. Call you? Family frequently.

26. Respect your Parents.

27. Practice noble cause. Give something to the Poverty-Stricken.

28. Recollect that you are too Blessed to ever be Stressed

29. Life isn’t reasonable however it is still Good.

30. LOVE your neighbor as you love YOURSELF.

31. Giggling is the best MEDICINE. In any case, EXCESSIVE LAUGHING? makes you an IDIOT. You are marked as a LAUGHING STOCK.

32. Try not to invest a lot of energy in web-based life stages, for example, YOUTUBE, and WHATSAPP TWITTER in order to be an outwardly tested individual over the long haul. An Oculist can be a specialist popular in the future. Indeed, even Quora is no EXCEPTION. It is a dependence.

33. Internet-based life Addiction is the lord of Addictions. ? Radio and Cassette Players are an overlooked thing in the topical situation.

34. Or more all Who follow the previously mentioned components will turn into a? MONK. Get up at any rate a couple to be Successful. If not, the Saffron suit anticipates your appearance.


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