Half Zip Sweatshirt Transformation! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

My mother usually asked me the same question while I was choosing Half Zip Sweatshirt when I was growing up and going clothing shopping with her.

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Are you completely smitten with it?

That influenced whether it went in the cart or not, whatever my initial visceral reaction was.

Most of the time, it wasn’t a piece I was completely fixated on. I was able to make the greatest choices moving forward on what to put in my closet thanks to that small piece of advice. Of course, I didn’t always utilize it since, as a mere mortal, I occasionally made impulsive purchases. But my wardrobe makes me so happy when I remember to ask myself that question and pay attention to my first instinct.

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The Half Zip Sweatshirt I’m Head Over Heels for

My immediate reaction was audible and apparent as soon as I opened the Varley Vine Half-Zip Pullover’s box: I was completely and utterly in love with it.

Since this past spring, I’ve been interested in the brand Varley. I kept seeing this particular half-zip on my social media, so I would visit the pages of various retailers and just stare. I might have even added one to the basket and checked my size.

When I’m arguing about something, I do this quite a bit. It’s as if putting anything in my online cart is a test run. It seems more like mine when it’s in that special small window than when I’m simply surfing the internet. So, without truly committing, I sit with the sensation that it is mine and consider whether or not I like it.

Does this procedure totally make me nerdy? It might, but it does.

Months passed, and I simply kept returning, hesitantly, to Varley’s half-zip pullover sweater. Mostly because I had never heard of the brand before, and sometimes that might feel too dangerous. Then, a few weeks ago, when we were conversing, Gwen revealed the most fascinating fact: she adores her Varley clothing, including the enticing half-zip! I only needed to hear that. This time, I added the jumper to my cart and finished the transaction after finding it.

Jeans, Half-Zip, and Boots

Initial Thoughts about the Varley Vine Half Zip Sweatshirt

The sensation was the first thing I fell in love with. It’s made of a nice yet thicker fabric that will keep me warm during the chilly winter months. Varley produces a lot of lovely sportswear, and all of their clothing is designed to be both comfortable and practical. Even with the thicker fabric, it doesn’t feel stiff or unpleasant at all; rather, it is cut in a way that really helps it look attractive if that makes sense. I find the long wrist cuff on the sleeves to be a great design element. The golden zip, too? Disregard it.

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If I had any lingering reservations previously, they vanished when I read an internet description of this shirt that said it was “Part Sporty Spice, part Yale-era Rory Gilmore”.

Jeans, Half-Zip, and Boots

This season, half-zip sweatshirts have particularly captured my attention. Knowing me, it’s a major thing that I find myself wanting to wear them more than hooded sweatshirts. I appreciate that they provide the same level of coziness with a little preppy grandpa vibe. These sweaters give the impression that they go with almost everything.

Half-zips are in style right now, and the more you look at them, the more alike they may appear to be. One of them jumped out among the others—the dark green one by La Ligne that S, Laura, and I all like. Another is this Varley jumper.

The large foldover collar is the most entertaining element, and I’m in love with how it looks with the zip pulled down. But it’s also adorable zipped all the way up, which I will surely do as the temperature drops (plus, it fits better under winter jackets that way).

Several of the most gorgeous color variations are available, depending on which merchant you choose to browse. Although I already had “deep charcoal” on, I later discovered “brown patina” and “desert sage” at Saks, and BOY are they enticing?

True to size fit notes I’m wearing a medium, which is my usual size, and I think it’s ideal in every aspect. I’m 5’9″ with a little longer torso for comparison.

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